DOTDOT Illustrations

Carlo – sketch and colour

Sketches of Carlo in different positions, drawn with a blue colored pencil.

Next one sketch is taken from sketch to inking and finally solid color.



Carlo catches a spider



Yesterday Carlo discovered a huge spider hanging from the ceiling – a very sleepy one.

Together with Umbrella and Divey, he tried to catch it! The spider was not used to all that attention 🙂

Hi I’m Carlo!

Carlo Copter say hi


Hi there! My name is Carlo and I live in DotDotLand.

I live in the city of Palamir, a city known in DotDotland for all its tall towers. I have lots of fun with my friends and my DotDot, which by the way is Imaginu!

You’ll hear more stories about me 🙂

See you later!



On adventure with Baloo


Time for adventure! As you know Baloo can levitate by blowing up his arms. But who is that flying with him? I think you will meet him again 🙂

A warm chestnut in the hand..


Fall is approaching and chestnuts are soon everywhere. Stiknut think we should all get together and eat warm chestnuts!



Deady from sketch to finished drawing


It is Monday morning. Do you feel alive or like Deady?

This shows how Deady went from sketch to final drawing. Try to avoid Deady and dark places where he might lurk 🙂

Have a great day!


How does a DotDot move?


It’s time to animate the DotDots. All DotDots have a body that is shaped some what like a little sausage. The body is very flexible and springy. It can move like a worm and bounce a bit like a rubber ball.

Have a look at these sketches of the body to get the feeling. Dot on!