Copter and Olly sing the dotdot song

Copter and Olly dotdots and they transform into a new dotdot – an oilcan dotdot!

This is part of the story from the book “Da giraffen slog knude”. To help the giraffe, Copter and Olly must dotdot and try to fix the problem.

Olly’s song (in Danish)

Hi I am Olly and I will sing a song for you!

Olly is the dotdot of Orla Olly. His body is made of oil and he can drip and oil stuff. Floating across the ground he leaves a trail of oil.

Hello Imaginu – Animation

Wohooo this is my first hand drawn animation with the DotDots! 🙂

Say hello to Imaginu and his arms of imagination in this little cartoon.

Ocrunch sings with 6 arms at the junkyard

The garbage cruncher dotdot Ocrunch sings at the junkyard. The grumpy inhabitant is not fond of it at throws garbage in return. Wohoo that is just what Ocrunch wants!